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The Regional Development Agency Terra Roxa  (TR) is a Public Interest Civil Society Organization created especially to disseminate information of the economic potential of Northern and Northwestern Region of Parana and seek investors for the region.

Our work focuses on fostering local economic development and integration so as to show Brazil and the world the attractions of the entire region, whose population is approximately 3,500,000 people. There are 211 cities, among which the main ones has over 50,000 inhabitants: Londrina, Maringa Apucarana, Arapongas, Cambe, Umuarama, Sarandi, Campo Mourao, Paranavai, Cianorte, Roladia, Ibipora and Cornelio Procopio.

Headquartered in the city of Roladia, Terra Roxa was officially established in December 2004. One of our mentors is Caio Koch-Weser, one of the most celebrated sons of TRs hometown. Koch-Weser is a former German Vice Minister of Finance, currently the vice chairman of the Deutsche Bank, and his name has been considered for the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

TRI works under a new concept of development in which local integration and cooperation prevail over the individual interests of each city. 

What We Do

Terra Roxa’s role is to supply the world with information on the economic potentials of northern Parana while seeking investors and bringing economic interests closer together.

To do that, our organization carries out initiatives that support, attract, and develop new business deals. We provide strategic advice based on chain of production concepts and clusters. We also hold partnerships with local organizations and institutions.

Such initiatives are divided into three lines of operation:

Regional promotion

Marketing and communication about Northern Parana providing information on it, and supporting its image abroad.

Support and development

Initiatives that support, attract, and develop new business deals. Strategic advice based on chain of production concepts, clusters, and partnerships with local players.


Organize and disseminate information related to economic, social, cultural, environmental, service, and infrastructure related of the cities in northern Parana.

Board of Directors

Jefferson Nogaroli 

1st. VP
George Hiraiwa 

2st. VP
Carmen Lucia Izquierdo Martins 

Luly Barbero Turquino 

Hélder Miranda de Paiva 

Alternate member
Paulo Roberto Viscardi 

Superior Council
Adrian von Treuenfels
Fernando Lopes Kireeff
José Carlos Valêncio
Valter Luiz Orsi

Fiscal Council
Presidente: Wilson de Matos Silva 
Secretário: Marcos Tudino
Primeiro suplente: Karina Turbay Schnaid


Executive Team

Executive Director
Alexandre Soares Farina

International Market Analyst
Megumi Goto Hayashi



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